old skool nub clocks up 30,000 views on youtube

Our utterly adorable friend Tuur told me that this was his favourite nub last week. It was made by the elusive Susan Ibreck and Celia Willis who were interns at Demos in summer 2007. I remember watching it for the first time and not really getting it (that guy’s horrible voice/the stuffy text he reads/the annoying pictures), but I guess that more than 30,000 people have seen it (probably more than the number who read the pamphlet) and 217 people have commented on it (probably more than the Demos blog has received in the same time period) and it has spread to all kinds of weird places, means that I was well and truly wrong and they were on to something. Watching it again now I like the way that the scrambled, recycled images echo the points that the text is making about the evolution words and their meaning. I’m fairly squarely of the opinion now the nubs that match the message with the mode of delivery are the ones I love most.

Thinking about it a bit more, I suppose the video’s success is partly related to the fact that themes of language, the blurring of cultures and the evolution of understanding/the dissolving of it are all part of the youtube experience which give it a certain ‘meta resonance.’


Citizen Sane

Following on from yesterday’s wander into philosophy, a short detour into political philosophy via this animation from MachineOff, a Greek production house.

It’s a brief distillation of an essay (I think) by E.A.Rauter. I hadn’t heard of him before but a quick bit of internetting reveals he was a German teacher and journalist, who wrote about the effect of language and information. There seems to be very little about him or his work in English, which makes this video all the more of a find.

The video outlines Rauters’ thoughts on how information is used to construct  individuals sense of self and what this means for how we relate to the state and economy. It’s a bit longer than the average nub, but it’s thought-provoking stuff. It’s this kind of visualizing of an intellectual idea that formed our original idea of what a nub should be, so enjoy!