Importance of facts

Nubs about privacy are an easy win – you can’t help but watch them and think they could be watching me now. In that rather endearing German way this video lays it on with a trowel. There are obviously some fairly prescient issues at hand here that apply as much in the UK as in Germany, but I think this video (that satirises a german government advertising campaign for national unity video) kind of muddies the waters by not referencing its sources e.g. ‘we can download all the files on your computer’ – where? how? says who? who can? Maybe I missed something. Also it claims that ‘There hasn’t been a single internationally planned terrorist attack in Germany’ – really? I think this counts doesn’t it? Kind of makes you sympathise with David Goodhart at Prospect who says that Liberal over-reaction makes it harder to have a rational debate about the database state.

Definitely file under nubaganda.