It’s Friday, which is usually most people’s excuse for some kind of frippery. Not us though.

Today’s double header is from a reproductive health NGO called EngenderHealth.

The first video highlights the ‘Global Gag Rule’, which was part of the Bush administration’s effort to undermine women’s reproductive rights, through it’s simplistic and ideologically driven approach to family planning. Obama overturned the ‘Mexico City policy’ as one of his first actions as President.

The second video highlights how family planning is a key issue in pretty much every single major global issue, as part of EngenderHealth’s 3for1 campaign.

Both pretty simple nubs, so perfect for a Friday afternoon.

You can find out more about EngenderHealth’s work in this video and there’s lot of interesting stories on their YouTube channel.

Have a good weekend folks!


Lube for Life

I love this.  I really, really love this. A nub for science from the University of Minnesota.

It’s beautifully produced, it explains a breakthrough piece of HIV research, and why it’s important, clearly and simply, and like any great piece of communication, you can go away and easily explain the ideas to someone else.

This is nubbing at it’s best, and a demonstration of why it can be such a great format.

I found this video on YouTube EDU, a kind of video version of iTunes U. Good stuff.