Nubs are short videos that explain or bring an idea to life. Here are four slightly hackneyed sub-genres which we use to categorize different types of nub. You can see more about videos that don’t quite qualify as nubs on the Not A Nub page.

The Teach Nub
These are instructional videos that work well for communicating  systems, processes and structures. The primary aim of the video is to ensure that the information is retained – it does not aim to inspire or amuse. It is like being taught a lesson in a classroom.

The Speech Nub
These videos are emotive, seductive videos that take written or spoken rhetoric and use animated typography to express the resonance of the words. They work better with idealistic, angry or frightening content. They are like listening to a speech, a sermon or stand-up comedy.

The Report Nub
These are informational videos about issues, affairs and controversies. Most combine motion graphics, with video footage and still photography. They are like reading an expose in the newspaper.

The Idea Nub
These are videos that do all of the above and for us, are the purest of the nub forms. They combine informational, emotive and instructional content.  They are like reading an academic paper, an essay or a book in four minutes.


6 thoughts on “Nubonomy

  1. Hey I liked very much your blog, and this nub concept. This is one of the best way to spread information and making people less alienated. Putting your blog in my links… see you and congratulions for the nice blog

    1. that’s great, thanks a lot! Thanks for the support, feel free to get in touch with ideas, videos you think we should feature, or just say to say what up.

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