It’s not a nub!

There are lots of things out there that look like the videos that we like.
They may be influencing nubs. They may have been influenced by nubs. But they’re not the same as nubs.

Here are some types of video that fall on the wrong side of the line.

1. Music Videos with a clear message
Nubs may often have music in them, but they have to be more about the idea first, the song second. These do it the other way around.

2. Poetry Videos
Exactly the same as music videos but just with a poem instead of a tune. We love these, but they’re not nubs.

3. Propaganda
Not entirely sure about this one. It’s a bit subjective, but basically the video is trying to make you act and behave in a certain way rather than just educate you. This is its sole purpose – to get you to recycle more, to donate money to charity. It has it’s place – but it’s not a nub.

4. Nubvertising
Nubvertising is not nubbing – It’s just taking the style of interesting educational nubs to get you to buy stuff. Damn these people, taking the sacred and making it profane!


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