The best use of autotune. Ever.


the kids of skateistan

This beautiful little film looks at how a project set up in Kabul called ‘Skateistan’ has helped some of the poorer kids get away from the war and violence that they see on a day to day basis in their city. What really struck me about this film was how empowering the project has been for young girls. I think it’s great how the girls don’t care about the annoying comments they get from people in the street when they go skateboarding outside.

Find out more about the the Skateistan project by clicking here.

“Legalize it, and I will advertise it”


So Cali takes to the polls next week, not just for the US mid-terms but also to vote on Prop 19 – the legalisation of marijuana. California already has provisions for medical marijuana, which has worked out as a de-facto legalisation at street level. The Yes campaign is looking pretty strong, with even Republicans/ tea Party peeps, such as Glenn Back, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, expressing that they are in favour. A yes vote will have some pretty big implications cross the rest of the country and will probably mark the beginnings of a shift in drug policy across the western world.

This nub from the Open Society institute spells out the inadequacies of the current global drug strategy.

“Small nothings”

After all the furore over paying drug users to sterilise themselves, this is a photo essay by  Zach Wise, about drug rehab in Russia.

This time for the Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Better to watch it on their website, the quality is better, and the photos deserve it.



In a sentence…

The best nub I’ve seen in a long, long while.

It’s a short promo for Dan Pink’s Drive, the latest addition to the line of counter-factual ideas books, no doubt shooting onto the Kindles of people in thick rimmed glasses flying out to creativity conferences as we speak.

But ignore my smart-assery, this video is a cracker; it’s got something interesting to say, says it clearly and is really, really goood-looking. Compared to most info-nubs, this has bags of charm and personality, something that gets lost in the usual After Effects jobbys.

The video was made by Lindsey Testolin, an animator/author brander from NY. Check out her website, top draw work.

The Idea(l) Environment

Stephen Johnson’s grand narrative of how you get an idea. Genuinely interesting stuff, though every time I hear the word innovation I want to grind my face into broken glass. This must be how ‘Nam vets feel when they hear cars backfire.

Visuals by Cognitive Media, who also do the RSA Animate shorts. If you can get over the gaggingly hubristic title, I’d also recommend the 21st Century Enlightenment vid, it’s a nice perspective.