I’m not here to make friends

This short silent film was made by my friend Emily and a design student using real CCTV footage signed off by a council…interesting fledgling stuff that cleverly skirts the lines between artfilm & nubs , reality tv & surveillance society.


People, everyday

Go to Interview Project to watch film

I just found out about this interesting web series that David Lynch and his son Austin are currently working on called ‘Interview project’. It’s a 20,000 mile road trip done by a film crew over 70 days across the width of the United States and interviews were conducted with 121 people met along the way. The people just tell us their stories about their lives. The latest one is with Bob (the picture above links to the vid). A new one is posted every three days.

There’s lots that nubateurs like us can learn from these interviews in terms of the simplicity with which they have been filmed and produced. There’s something about doing so much with lighting, composition and music, but keeping that to a minimum because the main subject matter of the nub is the interviewee themself and what they have to say.

Brain-sharing: GOOD?

Video artist Lincoln Schatz‘s vision of a better world would be one where we could SHARE BRAINS. Trippy. In ‘The self and the future’ philosopher Bernard Williams looks at whether having the same body is enough to be the same person when your personality has been transplanted with someone else’s. If ever it did become possible to swap brains, I wonder exactly how much of a correlationĀ  there would be between our memory and personality and our physical brain. But what bothers me the most about all of this is the question as to whether Nick Griffin would still be a racist mofo if we swapped his brain with Nelson Mandela‘s for a while. And what would happen to poor Nelson…

manwomanman dem

By the way: this nub contains full frontal nudity. I like the video but in terms of the idea itself, it’s not really saying much more than “women are becoming more like men and men are becoming more like women” – something that I don’t think is really that new. But at the same time, it is not a mainstream idea or something that is seen as particularly acceptable to most, so I think it is a nub in so far as it does challenge current gender regimentation/stereotypes/roles.

now put down that carrot shank, son.

This one might be a stretch and I think part of me just wanted to put the piece on here for the sake of it…but a friend forwarded me this hilarious vid (comedy nub?) that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at knife crime by replacing the weapons with vegetables. I think it could potentially work as a nub because it sheds an absurd light on the use of weapons in the street, exposing the essential pointlessness, as well as showing how it’s the mentality and not just the weapons that need addressing. It’s also quite refreshing to see after that harrowing run of campaigns with graphic images of knife wounds and the like. Maybe this video could actually provide an interesting and engaging talking point in classrooms and youth clubs? Or would it just make things worse by missing the point altogether…is it a long shot? You tell me what you think…

typography in the computer age

This excellent nub was directed by my friend Omair Barkatulla from back in the day when there used to be a London College of Printing (now London College of Communication). It looks at the different principles of design in typography and I think gives an interesting insight into the attitudes around the encroachment of computer generated production onto the more traditional mechanistic methods of type-setting. There is obvious conflict and tension between the two approaches, but you get the overall impression from the film that the traditional approach is the preferred one…I can definitely see the appeal, might have a look at LCC’s latest summer courses, humm…