Aaaand we’re back.

The blog has been quiet for a year as people drifted off to different things. But I still think there’s a place out these for a blog that documents the fascinating and ever evolving world of short videos and visual communications online. So where to now?

I still think the nub concept has legs, but the challenge is always one of categories. How to fit a huge variety of products, with almost infinite variations of intent, content, producer, style and target into meaningful buckets? Well, that’s what this blog will keep trying to do, along with trying to usefully critique what’s out there and what’s new.

So although we’re keeping the nub name, it’s probably time to broaden things out a little bit so that nubs are one of a number of types of video out there.¬†One thing will stay the same – whatever video we’re blogging about, it has to involve an issue or an idea. That means some adverts count, but many don’t.

And most precious of all are those nubs that take something difficult and make it simple.