the kids of skateistan

This beautiful little film looks at how a project set up in Kabul called ‘Skateistan’ has helped some of the poorer kids get away from the war and violence that they see on a day to day basis in their city. What really struck me about this film was how empowering the project has been for young girls. I think it’s great how the girls don’t care about the annoying comments they get from people in the street when they go skateboarding outside.

Find out more about the the Skateistan project by clicking here.


There’s a growing sense across the nation

There’s nothing inherently good or bad about the big society but when you hear ‘it’s not just the young who are full of community spirit’ and ‘there’s a growing sense across the nation that more citizens want to get involved in strengthening their neighbourhoods and building a Big Society’ you just think ‘damn I haven’t heard that stuff since I lived in Singapore!’


So. This is Mofilm. Its hard to explain in language your mum could understand but they basically provide a platform major brands¬† can use to publicize advertising briefs to film-makers. The briefs are dressed up as competitions and pegged to different film festivals around the world. They also do ‘causes‘ although I couldn’t find anything nublike. This is the kind of thing (- the general grossness) we should have done with makenubs, but have thus far failed to do.

nub love

cambodian nub bracelets

For some reason, on a random beach in Cambodia, they make bracelets that say ‘nub’ and ‘nub chief’ on them! I have no idea of the significance behind the word ‘nub’ in south east asia, so it makes me wonder, could the idea really have spread that far…?

What is lobbying?

Slick informational video from public affairs outfit Hill and Knowlton about what they do – crying out to be reworked from a different perspective (e.g. Billy didn’t have to give the cleverist kid in his class all his pocket money to talk to his dad on his behalf).

The F-Factor

This nub operates on the cynical assumption that people are much more inclined to do the right thing if there’s something in it for them. Neat piece of electronics they’ve got going there though. It’s the sort of thing I would love to spend hours taking apart, to then end up staring at the metallic entrails with a vague sense of sadness at the fact that I will never be able to put these pieces back together in the same way again.

the printed word recaptcha’d

Following on from the books theme, I came across this great presentation by Luis von Ahn, the inventor of Captcha and reCaptcha.  He explains the story of how these two methods of online authentication came about and what they are actually used for. This is amongst a number of very interesting nubs made by the Computing Research Association, click here to view their channel on Youtube.