the kids of skateistan

This beautiful little film looks at how a project set up in Kabul called ‘Skateistan’ has helped some of the poorer kids get away from the war and violence that they see on a day to day basis in their city. What really struck me about this film was how empowering the project has been for young girls. I think it’s great how the girls don’t care about the annoying comments they get from people in the street when they go skateboarding outside.

Find out more about the the Skateistan project by clicking here.


Movie trailer for an idea

Some super slick hype here from TED here who are gearing up for the global launch of the Charter for Human Compassion on November 12th which asserts ‘The Golden Rule’ – that we should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

I’ve added a movienub category to the nub categories for this one. It’s a sort of device for explaining an idea and rallying large groups of people around it which obviously works well for the TED prize. See also Pangea Day.