Here’s Jonathan Powell, explaining what Ed Milliband should learn from Machiavelli. (Actually here is Jonathan Powell – Guardian video doesn’t allow embedding.)

Unsuprisingly from Blair’s ex-Chief of Staff, ┬áit’s that he shouldn’t deviate from New Labour. Who would have thought ol’ Niccollo’s advice would be so predictably unimaginative?

In truth, Ed isn’t a man in need of advice on ruthlessness. This is the man who disavowed his work under his mentor Brown, disavowed his mentor Brown, led on the unions with vague lightly left-wing fantasies, shafted his own brother, sent his nearest rivals to the darker corners of the shadow cabinet and then took a razor to Cameron on his first PMQs. I believe Ed will be spilling considerably more red over the next few years.

What’s just about makes this video nubby (sticking as it does to the Matthew Taylor’s face format), is the (admittedly brief) explanation of Machiavelli’s strategies and the diamond that is the tele-prompter story, demonstrating Blair’s absolute mastery of the political arts.