nub love

cambodian nub bracelets

For some reason, on a random beach in Cambodia, they make bracelets that say ‘nub’ and ‘nub chief’ on them! I have no idea of the significance behind the word ‘nub’ in south east asia, so it makes me wonder, could the idea really have spread that far…?


I’m not here to make friends

This short silent film was made by my friend Emily and a design student using real CCTV footage signed off by a council…interesting fledgling stuff that cleverly skirts the lines between artfilm & nubs , reality tv & surveillance society.

transforming space, continuation of thought trail

I’m inclined to create another category for this vid, ‘anthroponub’, because of it’s exploration into the relation between people and space/buildings/absence. The reason why I’ve been looking at the theme of transforming space in these last two posts is because I want to show the process I am going through to develop a nub of my own. So far, I have just been picking off stuff that goes near a rough idea for a vid I have in my mind. I will use these examples to hone down a proper nub of my own which I will post at the end of this thought trail. This is very much the process I use when I paint – it works for that, so hopefully it will work for this! Let’s call this an experiment…the two I have posted so far have triggered some ideas…they use a visual and narrative language that I understand and rings ‘true’ to my experiences. They also have some institutional embedding in the fine art style of still photography and documentary style voice-overs/interviews; this I think is useful for conveying an idea to a more general audience. Once I get to a point where I am confident enough to film, I’ll doodle a bit, then I’m going to rip these bad boys to do a really punked up version of my own 🙂

People, everyday

Go to Interview Project to watch film

I just found out about this interesting web series that David Lynch and his son Austin are currently working on called ‘Interview project’. It’s a 20,000 mile road trip done by a film crew over 70 days across the width of the United States and interviews were conducted with 121 people met along the way. The people just tell us their stories about their lives. The latest one is with Bob (the picture above links to the vid). A new one is posted every three days.

There’s lots that nubateurs like us can learn from these interviews in terms of the simplicity with which they have been filmed and produced. There’s something about doing so much with lighting, composition and music, but keeping that to a minimum because the main subject matter of the nub is the interviewee themself and what they have to say.

Some things to mull over

So, nub 1. The plan is to knock it out by January 7th – whatever state it’s in. Here are some potential sources of inspiration.

(1) Are the Armed Forces underfunded – or are we spending money on the wrong things – namely to aircraft carriers of ‘impressive bulk and uncertain purpose’? This article by Anatole Lievin, Professor  of War Studies argues the later in this article in prospect. Interesting.

(2) Why has the left had no coherent response to the financial crisis? Because it doesn’t understand as Negri does that the development model of the left is technology + democracy, while that of the right is technology + the market.

(3) The FT reported earlier in the year on a conservativeintelligence which surveyed the views of Tory candidates for the forthcoming election. It showed they were pretty old school in their view – not quite the image DC wants to present.

(4) I have quite a few good articles about climate change but I doubt anything about the climate is going to seem particularly original by January 7th. Here are some statistics I have cut out of The Week recently. Figure we could do something with these in the style of the immensely popular and recreated shift happens video. But better.