guerrilla it up

This symposium video gives a good account of the work of the Guerrilla Girls, a feminist artists’ collective that formed back in the mid-80s. From the smatterings of info I’ve seen around, it appears that they are still active, but not to the level that they used to be, having split up into 3 tranches. This video is a nub in the sense that it’s sort of like a toolkit for all those budding feminist activists out there. The beauty of the Guerrilla Girls concept is that anyone can adopt it and it has an almost timeless quality. Accept for if you are a boy…’Guerrilla Boys’ just doesn’t have the kind of ring we’re going for here does it. One thing I wish about this nub though. I wish they hadn’t put that vertical neon green line there.


health reform; even more of a no-brainer than “police reform”.

Here’s one of the 20 entries to make Obama’s Health reform video challenge final selection. You can now watch and rate each one by clicking here. There’s some quality nubbage definitely worth checking out there. If you don’t want to vote and want to just watch a few, just keep refreshing the page and a new video should come up each time.

the science behind wing chun kung fu

This has to be the best guide to wing chun kung fu I have seen yet! And the seventies-ness clearly adds to the value. Not many people know that wing chun was invented by a woman, the Buddhist nun Ng Mui…if anyone wants to go on a little-known kung fu pilgrimage, I know where you can find Yip Man’s tomb. It is at the top of an overgrown hill behind a large Taoist temple by Fanling station, right on the outskirts of the New Territories, Hong Kong. You have to climb quite a lot so make sure you wear the right shoes and just be careful of the snakes…

the printed word recaptcha’d

Following on from the books theme, I came across this great presentation by Luis von Ahn, the inventor of Captcha and reCaptcha.  He explains the story of how these two methods of online authentication came about and what they are actually used for. This is amongst a number of very interesting nubs made by the Computing Research Association, click here to view their channel on Youtube.