the kids of skateistan

This beautiful little film looks at how a project set up in Kabul called ‘Skateistan’ has helped some of the poorer kids get away from the war and violence that they see on a day to day basis in their city. What really struck me about this film was how empowering the project has been for young girls. I think it’s great how the girls don’t care about the annoying comments they get from people in the street when they go skateboarding outside.

Find out more about the the Skateistan project by clicking here.


U is for Utopia

Tuomas Toivonen is a Finnish Architect who raps about architecture. He’s like MC YOGI, but good. I saw him do his thing at Megapolis and it blew-me-away. At first I was like, this is stupid but then he started going on about Garden Cities, Oil Crises and quoted Kano and declared that More is Less. I actually think the video is really good, the timings are right on and ‘more is less’ hook at about 2.45 is ace coupled with the transfer from a serifed font to the bold helvetica font for his manifesto is simple but highly effective.  His album is called Urbanism in the House. There’s a longer post about him on the City of Sound blog.

Stay with it.

my favourite bits were when he goes ‘if the price is right (grunts), live out your fantasy’,  ’emit less carbon y’all’ ‘did you read the policy peer review’. this is the best since the greatest.

guerrilla it up

This symposium video gives a good account of the work of the Guerrilla Girls, a feminist artists’ collective that formed back in the mid-80s. From the smatterings of info I’ve seen around, it appears that they are still active, but not to the level that they used to be, having split up into 3 tranches. This video is a nub in the sense that it’s sort of like a toolkit for all those budding feminist activists out there. The beauty of the Guerrilla Girls concept is that anyone can adopt it and it has an almost timeless quality. Accept for if you are a boy…’Guerrilla Boys’ just doesn’t have the kind of ring we’re going for here does it. One thing I wish about this nub though. I wish they hadn’t put that vertical neon green line there.


Came across this compelling visual essay by a sociology student that critiques the hollywood female action hero by triangulating it with Susan Faludi’s feminist ideas and Paul Willis’ cultural theory. It’s fairly long so you might want to have your dinner ready in front of you before you press play. Something that I would be interested in seeing would be a similarly comprehensive analysis of the hyper-masculinity of male heroes in film and media, which is just as damaging to gender equality. You can’t really have Disney Princesses without your Disney Princes.