What is a nub?

nub / nəb / • n. ( the nub ) the the point, essence, or heart of a matter

What are nubs? 

Nubs are what we call short videos that take an idea and bring it to life. They are like a music video, but for an idea. Nubs are usually a few minutes long, are concise, with a purpose, and often designed to become viral.

to nub / nəb / • v. – to crystallise the essence of an idea using visual illustration. To render a concept or argument simple and accessible. 

Every day, more and more people, organisations and companies are using this powerful new medium to get their ideas out. They are taking arguments, issues, campaigns, books, speeches, essays, pamphlets and declarations and ‘nubbing’ them. They might do it for very different reasons. What they all share is a desire to make something simple, so that as many people as possible can understand it.

Why this blog?

We love it when people make good nubs. This blog is about gathering, celebrating, reviewing, discussing and critiquing the explosion of nubs that are being made all the time. It celebrates the art of visual communication, and the skill of taking sometimes complex ideas and making them simple, pithy and accessible. It’s also about trying to make sense of the many genres of online videos out there.

We don’t think this happens enough, so we hope this blog can be a way to bring people who have ideas together with people who can animate them, to take ideas and ‘nub’ them. If you see something and you think it’s a nub, we want to blog it. If you have an idea that you want to nub, we want to help. If you already make nubs or want to make nubs, we want to hear about you. The rest of the time we’ll be up to our knees in vimeo, youtube and dailymotion hunting them down.

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