U is for Utopia

Tuomas Toivonen is a Finnish Architect who raps about architecture. He’s like MC YOGI, but good. I saw him do his thing at Megapolis and it blew-me-away. At first I was like, this is stupid but then he started going on about Garden Cities, Oil Crises and quoted Kano and declared that More is Less. I actually think the video is really good, the timings are right on and ‘more is less’ hook at about 2.45 is ace coupled with the transfer from a serifed font to the bold helvetica font for his manifesto is simple but highly effective.  His album is called Urbanism in the House. There’s a longer post about him on the City of Sound blog.

Stay with it.

my favourite bits were when he goes ‘if the price is right (grunts), live out your fantasy’,  ’emit less carbon y’all’ ‘did you read the policy peer review’. this is the best since the greatest.


One thought on “U is for Utopia

  1. I cannot condone this nub.

    Can see how it would have been very clever and very fun live however. Hats off for originality, no doubt.

    and this was a nice couplet:

    “Anti-suburbanite, club track composer,
    Feel NOW how the future comes closer.

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