The Idea(l) Environment

Stephen Johnson’s grand narrative of how you get an idea. Genuinely interesting stuff, though every time I hear the word innovation I want to grind my face into broken glass. This must be how ‘Nam vets feel when they hear cars backfire.

Visuals by Cognitive Media, who also do the RSA Animate shorts. If you can get over the gaggingly hubristic title, I’d also recommend the 21st Century Enlightenment vid, it’s a nice perspective.


One thought on “The Idea(l) Environment

  1. I don’t get the RSA Animate series. Why take great communicators, with great ideas and then record their voices badly and doodle over them? There’s a reason why the face was invented. I think Matthew Taylor has a good one Let people use their faces.

    But then again, I did catch my sister watching one in the kitchen a few weeks ago on youtube and she didn’t even know what The RSA was, so they must be doing something right.

    Kind of makes me think videos for ideas have just become some bullshit way of getting people to pay attention to something they wouldn’t otherwise bother with and has NOTHING to do with effective communication anymore.

    Want to go back to 2008 when nubs had a point.

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