schizo hammer horror

I won’t spoil this one by talking about it…


The Cosmonaut

bah. I like this video. A mobile teachnub about crowd-sourced film-making. If their film is half as good as this…


So. This is Mofilm. Its hard to explain in language your mum could understand but they basically provide a platform major brandsĀ  can use to publicize advertising briefs to film-makers. The briefs are dressed up as competitions and pegged to different film festivals around the world. They also do ‘causes‘ although I couldn’t find anything nublike. This is the kind of thing (- the general grossness) we should have done with makenubs, but have thus far failed to do.

nub love

cambodian nub bracelets

For some reason, on a random beach in Cambodia, they make bracelets that say ‘nub’ and ‘nub chief’ on them! I have no idea of the significance behind the word ‘nub’ in south east asia, so it makes me wonder, could the idea really have spread that far…?