been thinking about transforming space

I’ve always had a bit of a flirtation with street art but recently my enthusiasm for it has been renewed. First of all there was that whole face-off between Banksy and old skool graffiti artist Robbo after Bansky “defaced” a vintage piece by Robbo in Camden. Then I stumbled across this great dingy little alleyway for “legal graffiti”. Then a friend sent me this fantastic nub about how a group of graffiti artists transformed a ghost town into a gallery. My fingers are getting itchy…

This is every graffiti artist’s wet dream, and I think what’s really great about it is how the painters took something that was abandoned, neglected and dumped upon, and changed it’s relationship with it’s community, making the town something worth visiting, exploring and interacting with. These days, some types of graffiti do seem to be a lot more legitimised because of the likes of Banksy crossing/straddling the line between streets and galleries, but you don’t see it being used much in the way that agents of change have used it, i.e., to transform a space for the good. Although I have to say, a part of me did love the scrawly mess of the dilapidated town before it was touched.


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