Nubs blogged about. Response 1.

The Cokes are in the icebox/popcorn’s on the table! Horray! William Shaw at the RSA Arts and Ecology Centre has blogged about nubs. Think this might be the first time anybody has bothered to blog about them – thankyou William. I guess this means that the nub has gone viral or something, how exciting!  He raises some interesting questions, which I am going to respond to later.

He also posted this nub, from the RSA Animate which is a sort of hybrid of a teachnub and speechnub.

I can’t embed it but you can view it here

It’s an interesting effort (reminds me a bit of i met the walrus) and must have taken forever, but the jerky camera and bad sound are kind of off putting. Here’s something terrible we tried ages ago in this vein, but with the words of Tom Bentley rather than equally dense Matthew Taylor. I think this video underlines how hard it is to get complex information and complex words into a short video – we’re currently in our 7th week of trying to synthesize Robin Murray’s tretis on the social economy.

Sometimes words are just better when they come out of a face. E>G>


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