Some things to mull over

So, nub 1. The plan is to knock it out by January 7th – whatever state it’s in. Here are some potential sources of inspiration.

(1) Are the Armed Forces underfunded – or are we spending money on the wrong things – namely to aircraft carriers of ‘impressive bulk and uncertain purpose’? This article by Anatole Lievin, Professor  of War Studies argues the later in this article in prospect. Interesting.

(2) Why has the left had no coherent response to the financial crisis? Because it doesn’t understand as Negri does that the development model of the left is technology + democracy, while that of the right is technology + the market.

(3) The FT reported earlier in the year on a conservativeintelligence which surveyed the views of Tory candidates for the forthcoming election. It showed they were pretty old school in their view – not quite the image DC wants to present.

(4) I have quite a few good articles about climate change but I doubt anything about the climate is going to seem particularly original by January 7th. Here are some statistics I have cut out of The Week recently. Figure we could do something with these in the style of the immensely popular and recreated shift happens video. But better.


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