Time to make the nub

It’s a year since we started blogging about nubs. We started quietly on this tumblr in November 2008 and then moved onto this wordpress blog in 2009.

If you visit this blog you will have noticed that things have kind of ground to a hault. It takes about an hour to find a video worth blogging about and another hour to think of something interesting to say about it. The whole thing is slightly clouded by the fact that we don’t feel that anybody is making videos exactly like the ones we want to see.

We’ll continue blogging about videos that we like, but we’re going to spend most of our time trying to turn ourselves into people who can actually make nubs. It’ll be hard as we really lack technical skills, but I’m confident that if we keep rubbing our two shitty sticks together we’ll come up with something passable. This is what most of our posts will be about.

We are going to try and make the site a bit more of a navigable database for people who are new to nubs. We’ll update the nubonomy and post some links to some of the better posts in the nub history. If you find it helpful or have any comments or suggestions please, please comment or email us.


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