Stranger Festival 2

I’m slightly delusional after 24 hours in Amsterdam at the Stranger Festival. Not entirely sure what this means… Our workshop has been hard work but after the first day of three I think we’re getting there. We’re trying to get participants to make videos that can make a difference to an issue that they care about, which is proving really hard for them and for us. I think there is a bit of a disagreement amongst as to whether the best way to enact change is to describe the world as you see it, or to accept that people in the world probably already see that world and therefore the best thing to do as a ‘motivated film-maker’ is to tell people how to change their behaviour. I don’t event know if I know the answer sometimes.

Last night we had to pitch the workshop to all the people at the festival in a minute. We made the video above in the station before we left. It played behind me as I ranted at them about how video can save us.


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