Stranger Festival


I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow to take part in The Stranger Festival where I’m facilitating a workshop with some other people for three days. The workshop is called ‘Change a tiny world’. The idea is that we make videos that can bring about some kind of real change in the world – even if it’s small. There’s going to be lots of thinking about audiences and thinking about how best to use video to communicate with them – I’m hoping for practical videos and ways of distibuting them that teach granny’s how to text, stop dogs crapping on the street… that kind of thing. Anyway each day at the festival begins with a sort of assembly for all the young people taking part. In this assembly they’re supposed to get a tip they can take with them for the day. I have to do one of these talks on Wednesday on the subject of communicating ideas. I have been trying to think of what the formula is for a good nub and way of communicating this in the assembly. I think I’m going to try to say that you know you have a good video when it’s original, coherent and compelling. I’ve tried to turn principles into questions that you can ask yourself – that’s what the questions are on the t-shirts. I think most of the videos that we post have to pass all these tests. But then I was thinking they also sound like reasons to make someone your life partner. Anyway, I’m going to try and blog regularly from the festival. I feel a bit nervous and generally frightened about the whole thing, but fortunately there are people in the group who actually know how a video camera works and have done this kind of thing before, so hopefully we’ll be alright.


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