now put down that carrot shank, son.

This one might be a stretch and I think part of me just wanted to put the piece on here for the sake of it…but a friend forwarded me this hilarious vid (comedy nub?) that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at knife crime by replacing the weapons with vegetables. I think it could potentially work as a nub because it sheds an absurd light on the use of weapons in the street, exposing the essential pointlessness, as well as showing how it’s the mentality and not just the weapons that need addressing. It’s also quite refreshing to see after that harrowing run of campaigns with graphic images of knife wounds and the like. Maybe this video could actually provide an interesting and engaging talking point in classrooms and youth clubs? Or would it just make things worse by missing the point altogether…is it a long shot? You tell me what you think…


3 thoughts on “now put down that carrot shank, son.

  1. I reckon a vid like this would really get the point across. You’re right; most of the youth of today are pretty de-sensitised to knife wound clips and the like.

    I love this video πŸ™‚

  2. Really like this Satdeep – I think it could be used effectively in youth seminars or whatever because by making it so absurd it makes you think about it, re-look at the issues – like you said, it’s not about the weapon, banning a ‘knife’ as if that will change why and how knives are used. Plus, it’s hilarious and very well done.

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