Nub of Life

Okay, so we all know that there are people across the world currently engaged in various shades of war against the theory of evolution. By and large, I’m not convinced that scientists have done a good job of putting together a clear and easily understandable rebuttal of the anti-evolution argument. Generally, it seems when rational reasonable people are faced with arguments based on wackadoo, they shrug their shoulders and think that everyone else can see that is the case.

But failing to step up to the plate ends up conceeding ground and puts the reasonable position on the back foot. For example, despite Richard Dawkins Spock-like inability to comprehend the value of religion, he also seems to miss a few tricks when it comes to dismissing creationist arguments, at least when I’ve seen him. Rather than give them the point by point fact smack down, he seems to rely more on just arching an eyebrow and emphasising the ridiculousness of the religious position.

This video by the Wellcome Trust features the natural history legend that is Sir David Attenborough, and takes us through the ‘narrative’ of evolution. I think it goes some way to putting the theory of evolution into a more easily understood story that challenges the creationists claim that evolutionary changes are too large to happen by chance, through emphasising the incremental nature of the process. It’s not  a knockout blow by any means but it is put together beautifully. The only thing that irks is the way that evolution is referred to as if it were acting on organisms rather than the actual fact that evolution is a description of the process that is occurring. I’m not sure if that is just a semantic point, or if I have explained that particularly well, but either way, here’s a great video about a great idea.


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