the science behind wing chun kung fu

This has to be the best guide to wing chun kung fu I have seen yet! And the seventies-ness clearly adds to the value. Not many people know that wing chun was invented by a woman, the Buddhist nun Ng Mui…if anyone wants to go on a little-known kung fu pilgrimage, I know where you can find Yip Man’s tomb. It is at the top of an overgrown hill behind a large Taoist temple by Fanling station, right on the outskirts of the New Territories, Hong Kong. You have to climb quite a lot so make sure you wear the right shoes and just be careful of the snakes…


Brain-sharing: GOOD?

Video artist Lincoln Schatz‘s vision of a better world would be one where we could SHARE BRAINS. Trippy. In ‘The self and the future’ philosopher Bernard Williams looks at whether having the same body is enough to be the same person when your personality has been transplanted with someone else’s. If ever it did become possible to swap brains, I wonder exactly how much of a correlationĀ  there would be between our memory and personality and our physical brain. But what bothers me the most about all of this is the question as to whether Nick Griffin would still be a racist mofo if we swapped his brain with Nelson Mandela‘s for a while. And what would happen to poor Nelson…

Movie trailer for an idea

Some super slick hype here from TED here who are gearing up for the global launch of the Charter for Human Compassion on November 12th which asserts ‘The Golden Rule’ – that we should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

I’ve added a movienub category to the nub categories for this one. It’s a sort of device for explaining an idea and rallying large groups of people around it which obviously works well for the TED prize. See also Pangea Day.

manwomanman dem

By the way: this nub contains full frontal nudity. I like the video but in terms of the idea itself, it’s not really saying much more than “women are becoming more like men and men are becoming more like women” – something that I don’t think is really that new. But at the same time, it is not a mainstream idea or something that is seen as particularly acceptable to most, so I think it is a nub in so far as it does challenge current gender regimentation/stereotypes/roles.

Stranger Festival 2

I’m slightly delusional after 24 hours in Amsterdam at the Stranger Festival. Not entirely sure what this means… Our workshop has been hard work but after the first day of three I think we’re getting there. We’re trying to get participants to make videos that can make a difference to an issue that they care about, which is proving really hard for them and for us. I think there is a bit of a disagreement amongst as to whether the best way to enact change is to describe the world as you see it, or to accept that people in the world probably already see that world and therefore the best thing to do as a ‘motivated film-maker’ is to tell people how to change their behaviour. I don’t event know if I know the answer sometimes.

Last night we had to pitch the workshop to all the people at the festival in a minute. We made the video above in the station before we left. It played behind me as I ranted at them about how video can save us.

what’s your utopia?

I found this interesting youtube channel – tvo or tv ontario – it’s canada’s equivalent to the BBC but goes further by using its youtube channel as a platform for videos that aim to “empower people to become more engaged, better informed citizens.” The nub I initially came across, below, has academic Rinaldo Walcott talking about his vision of a better world. I was wary of his rant at first because I am a tad fed up of people using the same line about capitalism as right-wing america is using for socialism (being the root of all evil and all that.) It’s just the same broken record running backwards. But I think he makes some compelling points after that short vociferation, take a look: