What has it got to do with me?

Quite taken by the Nestle’s Trust‘s social research looking at the thoughts and feelings of young people. They should make nubs – but then again maybe a Nestle presence on youtube would be like a lamb to the slaughter. Anyway I am quite taken by some good polling with Mori in 2005 on what it means to be a good citizen. They found;

‘Young people do not see voting in elections as the most important aspect of being a ‘good citizen’. It comes fourth (at 67%), after obeying the law (90%), taking part in activities to benefit the community (73%), and in activities to protect the environment (69%).’

Figure that this is a good excuse to post this diamond poetrynub by Benjamin Zephania that Faizal scooped up a ages ago and to nod in the direction of a rather lacklustre video we made about Everyday Democracy a couple of years ago.


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