Books without Borders

A while ago Charlie and I sat around discussing a nub we wanted to make about the new ethics of consumerism, about how we are seeing the emergence of a new form of ethical consumerism – where the ethical result of your purchase is as much a point of the transaction as obtaining the product itself.

Well we haven’t got round to making that nub yet, but here is a short video that highlights an example of that idea.

Better World Books is an American bookseller that takes your donated used books and sells them online to fund literacy and education projects across the world. This short video explains their business model and how it works. I suppose it’s a promo but as it’s also the first video we’ve seen that touches on this idea of new ethical consumerism, and on the possibilities for a new models of business philosophy post credit-crunch.

There is also a British version of their website where you can order books. They still ship from the States so it takes a few weeks to get here but it’s absolutely worth it (and you have the option to offset the carbon from the shipping).


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