converging media, converging ideas

This video was made by a student for their final project in Theory of Communication. It has lots of stuff on how the internet and social media is bringing people together and providing a place for ideas to converge and flourish, boldly putting forth how this signifies a new chapter for humanity. Fundamental to this sort of ‘union’ is the notion of sharing, however I think the reality is that internet users still have a long way to go before reaching this crescendo-like symphony of everyone sharing everything. To many, such a state of affairs would actually be horrific. As online trends show, however ‘successful’ websites like wikipedia and facebook are perceived to be, it is still only a small minority of users that contribute a majority of the content. A majority of users still behave like lurkers, reaping the rewards of the enthusiastic, communicative few. Equality of contribution is something that is often forgotten when the media harks on about the millions of users and page views and registrations that certain websites receive. Besides that, I still think videos like this one are nice to see. Hard as it is to believe, there are many children out there who have not known what life is like without the internet and social media. At the same time, a whopping 76% of the world’s population don’t use the internet. So the inspired protestations of nubs like this one help you to not take things for granted so much.


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