maths matters

This is one of a selection of very well put together videos made by the National Science Foundation in the U.S. Each video acts as a chapter of a special report by them that looks at why U.S. students are currently struggling with maths in comparison to other countries. You can access the video report in it’s proper context here or check out their youtube channel here. I was particularly drawn to it because of the role that mathematics has played in my life. It was a subject that I always loved and tried really hard at but I just stopped short of taking it to Uni because I thought I was not ‘good enough’; there was always this mentality in my classroom, that if you weren’t amazing, you’d best not bother. The great thing about the NSF video is that it suggests looking at new ways of teaching by using a multi-methods approach – so it’s not just maths teachers and mathematicians that know how to teach, but also parents and learners who know what works best. If I were in one of those focus group sessions, my advice would be: “make sure mistakes are valued just as much as getting the correct answer”


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