Every letter counts

My first post on make nubs! Hello-hello. I found this piece of nubaganda in the community section of the Amnesty International website, which is definitely worth a browse if you want to see some weird and wonderful nubbery in action (quite a lot of weird stuff mind). This one was made especially for an Amnesty campaign against torture and tries to instill the sense that what we might perceive to be a mere letter, really can make a difference, especially if seen as being part of combined collective action. I appreciate what it’s trying to do, especially because of how difficult it can be to move people to really act on issues they initially express concern about, i.e., writing a letter to their MP etc. Not sure if this nub would actually do the trick though because it is pure visual metaphor, and has impact while you watch it, but runs the danger of being quickly forgotten. Maybe something more like a teachnub would work, if it educated you on the actual mechanisms and processes that are put to work when action is taken in the form of writing a letter. But I guess the realism vs metaphor dichotomy is pretty blurry (like all dichotomies) when you are putting out something like a call-to-action in audio-visual format.


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