What a Nubhead.

The things with nubs is they are only form not content. As Charlie demonstrated with the pan-global Islamic demographic conspiracy video last week, nubs can also be made by twats.

Here’s another one, which whilst stylistically worth a view, is ultimately just a gigantic jizz spout wasting three minutes of your life.


Like with every stupid person you’ve ever met, he talks very loudly. He doesn’t let the fact that his brain barely registers enough voltage to keep his neurons firing deter him. He just says stuff with great certainty. Why bother reading and understanding stuff, that’s for suckers. Just SHOUT instead. Much better.


You don’t understand Darwin. Survival of the fittest does not describe what happens in natural selection. Reading books about the subject of your video might stop you looking like a mammoth twat in front of the entire world. Probably not though.


There are 6 billion people on this planet, maybe 9 billion in 50 years time. Not all of these people need to pass on their genes. More importantly, natural selection is a scientific theory about the development of species. There is no scientific conclusion to be drawn from the theory of evolution about the validity of homosexuality. There is nothing wrong with being homosexual.

Whilst one can only applaud his attempts to develop his foetus like intellectual capacity, I think we can all agree that he somewhat overreached himself here. Never mind keep trying, and one day soon you’ll be able to put an entry into the ‘My First Inference’ page of your baby book.


Actually, you’re right there will in fact be a Muslim takeover of Britain in ten years. At this very moment there are Muslims hiding under the beds of the 58.6 million non-muslims in the United Kingdom. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on Jan 1st 2019, they will leap out from amongst the floor fluff and lost 2 pence coins, replace the Kingdom with Caliphate and make Richard Littlejohn wear a burka.

Or maybe they won’t because you are talking politically illiterate bollocks.


Just stop saying that. The reason that no-one else says what you say is because it would be embarrassing in front of other grown-ups.

You are a rebel on par with a small child eating their bogies when no one is looking. And even they have the good sense to keep that shit to themselves.


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