Useful TV

The People’s Supermarket is the new venture of Arthur Potts Dawson, a socially concerned chef dude. As far as I can see, it’s basically a food cooperative. Wall to Wall productions are making a documentary about him trying to set it up at the moment. Can’t work out if this programme is publicity for the project, or the way that the project will actually happen. If it’s the latter – it must be the first time that TV has been used to start an organisation (rather than just a campaigning tool or an awareness device) – will be super interested to see if it works. Big brother use the web to help people see more – maybe this will be TV that helps people do more. Is this a watershed? Or a puddle of piss? Anyway, I am blogging about it because the flash introduction on their homepage is pretty neat. Can’t see who did it, but it looks kind of similar to the we think video.


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