Permaculture Nubs _ FAIL.

Not sure how long I can maintain the ‘this is an important idea but there are no good videos out there about it’ defense for posting lame nubs but in anycase, here it is again. In the past six months permaculture has moved from being something I had never really heard of to a total omnipresence – first I had an email from my old boss in Singapore about a permaculture project he was working on, then my parents¬† told me they were going on a permaculture course and now I am involved in this project about the future and the whole thing is turning into a sort of exploration of the ways that people could adapt to and subvert permaculture lifestyles in cities. These people all ‘read different newspapers’ if you know what I mean.¬† Kind of makes me hopeful that, when there seems to be no obvious source of authority with sufficient power or influence to plan society, good ideas still have the power to spread and be adopted of there own acccord in some kind of swarm thing. Hope to see it make an appearance on open left soon.