how to tell if she’s attracted to me

Flirting: How Can I Tell If She Is Attracted To Me?

Read this article in the NY Times about how-to videos. I can’t find anything that feels like a teachnub but ‘howto’ is definitely a growing market: in the last couple of years howcast, grasper, ehow and my favourite, videojug, have all started serving up a vast range of practical videos advising you on everything from how to add a stitch to how to hit a topspin lob. I can’t find a video on how to make online video pay for itself, but that article does include a description of howcast’s business model which has two key features – (a) paying people 50 dollars to make a video with some kind of royalty system for views and (b) howto videos pointing people to specific products. On this second aspect which blurs the line between advisertising and advice (a consistent theme on this blog) maybe some of these howto servicesĀ  will need some kind of code of conduct like the one the comparrision website industry is about to adopt.


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