Secret of My Success

This super short talk by Richard St. John is my second favourite TED talk.

A sub 4 minute distillation of his research to identify the characteristics that made people ‘successful’. It’s a great presentation and kind of gets you pumped up to do something with yourself, until you decide to make a cup of tea first. And have a biscuit. And see if there’s anything good on the internet.

Yeah, I know it’s pretty lame to jack a TED talk.  And yes, it’s a presentation with a dude talking. On a stage. But he takes you through a coherent, engaging narrative in less than four minutes, so that’s pretty nubby in my book.

He followed this up with another short talk on maintaining success which is also worth a peek, as well as redoing the above talk as a tad longer, slighty more stilted version.

Check it out and get yourself amped for an exciting weekend.


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