The video I’ve posted up is a slick piece of veganeering, arguing the case for a non-animal based diet. It’s a bit on the long side to really be a nub (just under 12 minutes) but other than that it fits into our nubonomy somewhere.

I’ve been thinking about these issues a lot recently, having just finished reading Peter Singer‘s seminal work ‘Animal Liberation’. Whether, in the end, you agree with his argument or not, it’s a work of profound moral weight, and probably one of the most important books of the last century.

The lines of argument they follow in this film are three-fold: social justice, environmental and sentimental. Whilst I don’t disagree with the arguments (well except, the animals are our lickle friends Disney angle*), I think it skirts around the most radical idea of the animal ‘rights’ movement – that there is a moral duty to consider the suffering of all sentient beings equally, and that to differentiate between animal or human suffering is ethically untenable.

To be fair, the issues around animal welfare, are too complicated and nuanced to be explored in depth in a nub, but still it would have been better if it was a little more challenging, or maybe that would just put people off?

Anyway, check it out because it makes lots of very good points that deserve consideration, and it’s very well made considering it’s basically a slideshow.

*for a better take on the emotional life of animals check here and here