This video got me thinking about whether nubs are actually a good way of learning or are they really just intellectual bubble gum? This a lovely way to illustrate an otherwise seemingly mundane fact, but does it help you to remember the information better than if you were to read it?

Most memory techniques seem to rely on visualisation and association in some form, so would videos like this actually help you to learn your periodic table for example?

On the one hand the video gives you an instant set of engaging images and content, but on the other it may actually be too distracting for you to form a strong enough memory of the facts. Notes on a page can be read and re-read easily, at your own speed, not at the speed of the video. And maybe it’s better for you to use your own imagination to visualise a memorable image, than trying to remember someone else’s.

Nubs are a way of presenting information that wasn’t really used when I was trying to remember atomic numbers as teenager, so it’s hard to say whether or not this is something that could help kids learn whilst they’re on the bus home, but I have a feeling it might work for some people. Any thoughts?