Matthew Taylor’s Face – like kinetic typography, but better.

Despite our recent lack of posting this blog is supposed to eventually turn into a way of connecting people who have ideas with people who can communicate them. A way that you could connect a Biochemist from Imperial College with a student at the London College of Communication who knows a bit of After Effects or Stop Frame animation. It might be a way for freelancers to get work, it might also just be a way for people with time on their hands to make media – a bit like the way my granny goes to her watercolor class once a week.

Anyway, annoyingly in this video director of the RSA Matthew Taylor, the Simon Cowell of public policy, screws the whole thing up by demonstrating his fairly devastating ability to get to the nub of a big idea in two and a half minutes without the aid of any animation or special effects whatsoever. I guess as he’s technically talking about other people’s ideas he might as well be the person who is animating the idea, rather than the person who has it. So maybe we’re OK to carry on blogging about this nub stuff. For a bit.


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