Smash, smash, smash the BNP

Sorry, folks meant to post this earlier in the week before everyone traipsed out to vote on Thursday. Instead, this is now more of a post vote analysis of how your vote might have helped keep our far-right blockheads from joining up with other far-right blockheads already ensconced in the EU.

This nice little video from the Green Party explains the threat of the BNP getting MEPS in North East England, and how a Green vote could stop them. The nubby bit is a nice little explanation of how European votes are counted and allocated, and therefore how votes for smaller parties will have more of an effect in blocking out the BNP than a big three vote. Informative, if a little confusing if you don’t pay full attention. I looked for other video explanations of how the EU voting system works but couldn’t find any, so if anyone finds one, post it in the comments. Tonight’s results will be interesting…


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