Happy Birthday Demos

Feeling a bit ropey after Demos spectacularly fun 16th Birthday party last night. The party marked the relaunch of the website, a new advisory panel and the publication of a new pamphlet about power. The pamphlet is quite dense but basically seems to argue that the divide in British politics is between people who believe that power rests with individuals vs people who believe that power should be vested in groups, I think. I’m not quite sure where it takes us on the issues of  today and tomorrow (climate change, the aging society, friction between different cultural identities, the long term unemployed/disconnected, human enhancement etc etc) so I guess alot of people will be looking to see where it all ends up. Hopefully it will be somewhere totally awesome, otherwise the only thing people will have to say about Demos is that we’re a Tory think tank now. But in anycase the whole thing has made me reflect a bit on that richard pryor video and made me think that a holiday in Copenhagen in the second week of December is basically a must now.


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