Generation We/Ew

Eww if I see another, cringey, video featuring the well lit faces of visionary thinkers against heavenly white backgrounds I am actually going to vom. The nub i’m posting here features the same device used in these videos (different voices completing the same sentence giving a sense of consensus on an issue) to explain ‘generation we’, who, if the nub is to be believed will have the same influence on world politics as the baby boomers did before them. Apparently ‘we’, born between 1978-2000, are better educated, less politically partisan and more technologically adept.

The young faces under turbulent skies vibe seemed like a crude way to fill some of the gaps in the assertions, making me question this video’s nub credentials.  The ending then totally freaked me out leaving me undecided as to whether this is a big idea,  an advert for a book (nubvertising) or a rallying call to a generation to support non-fossil fuel based energy solutions (nubaganda).


One thought on “Generation We/Ew

  1. “These kids identify themselves…” Why do I get the feeling of exploitation? Made me think of this:

    Just had a discussion around this topic a while back. That why should this generation put all their focus on attacking their parents´ generation as a unified block rather than focusing on doing things better themselves as individuals affiliated to other individuals. Bitterness seldom created a lot of good new ideas. That rather than being anti-something, how about being pro and proving this with action.

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