a kinetic typo

Kinetic typography is kind of the nub minimum wage – it’ll keep you going but it’s not much to work with. There’s been some decent use of it in the past, mainly because it was just new – but it’s played out now. You knew that once the Tories got on board, the ship of swizz was going down faster than the Exxon Valdez.

I’m bored now of watching the same old, same old typography vids – here’s a speech, here’s a cool font, here’s that speech in a cool font, look how it moves across the screen, you can see the words, in a cool font, look they’re still moving, but now at an angle.

If you’re even going to attempt a speech nub now, you need to be all about the storytelling. Great videos like ‘I Met The Walrus‘ and the Harvey Milk speech (a dedicated post on these is coming) use the narrative as bass note not treble; building their own version of the message on top.

Despite most of this post, there is still hope for kinetic typography beyond the usual blahdey blah. This tiny, tiny nub by FAD (and turd polishers JWT-NY) drugs the text, busts it out of the nub institution and leaves it to wonder around blinking in the sunlight. Nice font too.


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