“It’s about community not content”


If you think about it (for three seconds tops), it makes total sense that one of the most nubbed topics out there is Creative Commons. Despite the criticisms it has gathered from the ‘things were fine the way they were when we controlled everything and got all the revenue but now we can’t so everything we know and love will be destroyed be scared be scared do what we say and conform’ enemies of the people pro-copyright advocates, and the copyleft movement*, Creative Commons is one of the few institutional evolutions that truly reflects (and in turn, shapes) the ethos of the 2.0 generation. 

There are a good handful of shiny nubs from which to choose from but I’ve posted up the one that really floats to the top of the nub tub. It’s a busy beat, super sharp, dapper design piece of nubbery, exactly what an idea would look like if it put on it’s skinniest jeans and flyest trainers and headed out to a mash-up art collective party somewhere out east. 

Yet in that weird nub way you know what the next best one looks like? Just like middle aged Californians blowing up the CC balloon whilst not wearing ties.

And lastly, a slinky voiced American whispering sweet CC nothings into your ear over an atonal fuzzy beat that makes you feel a bit cool. (Also check out the creators’ websites at the credits, some of them are doing good stuff.)

There’s loads more goodies out there, so check out our YouTube Channel for more if you have a weird CC obsession.


*Now resolved since CC adopted a “Approved for Free Cultural Works” badge into its’ terms. We heart open source reconciliations.


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