Wasted a substantial amount of time arguing yesterday about whether this shock viral starring Keira Knightley qualifies as a nub. To me it’s just an an ad with a simple message (domestic violence is horrible) that wants you to do a simple thing (give us your money so we can stop it/forward it). It’s a raw emotional hit, but I don’t think I learn anything new and there’s nothing really interesting about the way it’s conveyed. Most of the videos that I like use the freedom of the internet to do something more than make something a bit more shocking, gross or filthy. I also don’t like the way this video is described “Keira Knightley stars in this shocking new short film, directed by Joe Wright and brought to you by Women’s Aid – the UK’s domestic abuse charity” – I mean, it’s not a short film – it’s an advert. No matter how worthy the cause you are still being lied to and I don’t know, it just makes me cringe. But er, in anycase, probably a bit better than this approach taken in Australia.

What is perhaps more interesting is the way some of the styles of some of the more interesting videos are being appropriated into advertising. Check out Microsoft’s blatant rip off of the Oscar nominated I met the walrus speechnub. Here’s another go from Honda.

The thing that gets me about domestic violence is what you’re supposed to do when you know it’s happening to someone that you don’t know, e.g. the person upstairs. I’ve tried phoning one of those helplines before and amazingly they told me to do nothing, on the basis that in all likelihood I would probably make the situation worse. Makes you wonder how much domestic violence is witnessed and if there really is nothing you can do about it. Maybe there’s er, a nub in it.


4 thoughts on “Nubvertising?

  1. Why is an advert a lie? And why is this Knightley one a lie? What is incorrect about it? Is it the authenticity of the person making it?

  2. no you misunderstood me. advertising isn’t lying. I didn’t say that. and i didn’t say this advert was a lie either. i was trying to say that calling this a short film when it’s an advert is a lie – which it is. if it was a nub you shouldn’t have to lie to get people to watch it – it should be interesting enough on its own.

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