Lessson from the Germans

This is a video about the music business from German nubbers The Simple Show. My D in A-level german is just enough to indicate that they might be our kind of people:

‘Leicht erklärt, besser verstehen – mit der simpleshow. Unsere Stärke ist es, für Sie komplexe Sachverhalte zum einfachen Verständnis zu visualisieren und zu erläutern.’

This genre of nubbery should probably be called lessonnub or teachnub or something. It’s basically animated paper cut-outs on a whiteboard combined with a cuddly voiceover, comedy sounds and (in this case) comedy music. It’s a bit like being in a (fun) classroom. I reckon the people who can make these videos are probably making money out of them knocking them out for companies as corporate training videos. Here are some other examples of these videos from Homecraft in the UK and Commoncraft in the US. Commoncraft also have this video, which shows what looks fairly simple, clearly takes a lot of work. Finally, it’s also worth noting that although the treatment is different these videos have the same basic elements as our favourite video explaining the credit crunch.


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