Lube for Life

I love this.  I really, really love this. A nub for science from the University of Minnesota.

It’s beautifully produced, it explains a breakthrough piece of HIV research, and why it’s important, clearly and simply, and like any great piece of communication, you can go away and easily explain the ideas to someone else.

This is nubbing at it’s best, and a demonstration of why it can be such a great format.

I found this video on YouTube EDU, a kind of video version of iTunes U. Good stuff.


Fight Now

World leaders are meeting tomorrow to work out how to shore up the global economy and reboot capitalism, but people are hitting the streets calling for an OS change. This nub isn’t an abstract idea, it’s a rallying call for the G20 protests. Whilst it’s neither flash or complicated it shows that smooth editing, a nice font and a good beat goes a long way.

No doubt the protests will be a mixed bag of idealists, visionaries, flakes, naivetes, radicals, hopefuls, troublemakers and a whole lot besides.  I don’t think it’ll change much, and I’m not sure anyone has an alternative agenda but yet it still feels important.  Strange that.

Seth Brau

Seth Brau made this. He is a total badass. Although this blog is called make nubs, we still don’t really know what a nub is.
But this definitely seems like what a nub should feel like.

There seem to be different categories of nubs – that’s what we’re trying to get at with the categories – but at the moment we only have reportage).

Seth Brau’s nub is part of a genre of nub where the film maker takes words from a speech, a book or a tract cuts them up, adds some music and animates them – a speechnub?

Max Joseph, Nub Prince

Further to my last post I should probably hail the doyenne of Good Magazine videos, Max Joseph, who seems to be responsible for the majority of their nubs. Here’s his website. He doesn’t use a voiceover in his videos and he likes statistics. I guess they’re a bit more like reportage, than big ideas. He also seems to like using electro which gives his hard messages a bit more bite. I’d like to hear some more bass in nubs – dub, reggae, dubstep, ragga etc but I guess computer speakers are probably more at home with a more trebly sound.

This is how it’s really done.

I was having a trawl through past entries in the annual Media that Matters Film Festival when I came across the greatness that is Good Magazine and their awesome collection of nubbish type videos on their youtube page. There’s not a great deal of hope in here, but they definitely seem to collaborate with top animators. Check it out. Most of their videos highlight new problems rather than posing solutions. This one combines nudity and statistics to highlight some home truths about porn online.

#1 Everyday Democracy

So here it is, our first featured nub. This is a video outlining the ideas of the think tank Demos’ pamphlet Everyday Democracy.

Okay, we should declare a vested interest at this point, as some of the Make Nubs team made this video last year, we will limit the self aggrandisement in this commentary.

As I wasn’t part of the team who made it however, I’m happy to say it’s great. Expect self effacing notes from the others in the comments section.

Make Nubs

Nubs are short videos that communicate complicated ideas quickly. We love them. They’re a bit like music videos, a bit like advertising and a bit like film trailers, but not really exactly like any of them. We want to find nubs, watch them and make them too. That’s it really. We live in London.